When Non-Profits Have to Make Tough Calls

Posted on: March 13, 2015 by Care Providers Insurance

Your clients in the non-profit sector have a very noble role in the communities they serve; their services assist the less-fortunate, the disabled, or even those that need temporary help in a time of need. There are cases, however, in which non-profits have to make tough calls; when they can’t serve someone because they don’t qualify for their services or they’ve abused their services. Unfortunately this can often lead to lawsuits, which is why it’s vital for your clients of this type to have the right amount of Non-Profit Insurance coverage.

A recent incident in Florida brings attention to this issue. A woman who utilized a guide dog due to her tunnel vision had called the non-profit that provided her with the dog to request help. The dog, it seemed, was eating everything in sight. Before this, the woman had called the non-profit, Southeastern Guide Dogs, for help due to the dog jumping on people.

Instead of helping the woman with training, however, Southeastern Guide Dogs made the decision to pull the dog from the home. Southeastern reports that their dog handlers go through a 26-day campus training, and handlers are expected to use basic obedience and about 40 commands. Other than that statement, the non-profit has not specified why they displaced the dog, however the owner claimed they told her she had made him a pet.

While it’s unclear on whether or not this was an intentional abuse of the non-profit, or if the non-profit is to blame for providing a dog that wasn’t fully trained, the fact of the matter is that the non-profit had a tough call to make. This is just one example of how easily a non-profit can find themselves in hot water, and stresses the need for non-profit liability coverage.

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