What are the Qualities of a Good Senior Center?

Posted on: January 29, 2015 by Care Providers Insurance

What are the Qualities of a Good Senior CenterWhat are the Qualities of a Good Senior Center?

Senior centers play a pivotal role in the communities they serve; they serve as a base for seniors from all walks of life to join together for social events, exercise classes, games, and more. As with any nonprofit business however, operating a senior center comes with its inherent risks. Therefore, it’s imperative that your clients be financially protected with the right Insurance Program for Senior Services. In addition, it’s important that they do all they can to ensure they are complying with the rules and regulations set forth by their city and federal laws when operating this type of business.

When making the decision to start a senior center, the first step is to get all the paperwork that is necessary, including licenses, to start a business. Your client will also need to pass a background check. These factors can be tricky depending on the state in which your client resides.  Next, they need to decide what the optimum number of senior citizens are they can care for in their proposed facility, as this will help them determine what to charge and the breadth of the services they’ll offer.

Perhaps one of the most important steps, for insurance purposes, is making sure the senior center is fire-safe. All businesses should have working smoke detectors in all critical areas, as well as proper lighting and clear, visible walkways to exits. In senior centers, it may even be beneficial to have sprinklers, as often elderly individuals may not have a quick enough reaction time to exit the building in a hasty and safe manner.

These are just a few of the steps it takes to effectively start a senior center. Other tips include finding employees who have experience dealing with senior citizens, investing in reputable food services if applicable, and forming a committee that can take charge of planning activities, which is particularly a good idea when just starting out.

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