Nonprofits Hesitant to Hire Older Employees?

Posted on: December 4, 2014 by Care Providers Insurance

Are Nonprofits Hesitant to Hire Older EmployeesAre Nonprofits Hesitant to Hire Older Employees?

Since the recession, companies in various industries have not been hiring older workers as much as they had been previously. In fact, the unemployment rate for workers aged 55 and older increased from 3.1 percent in December 2007 to a high of 7.6 percent in February 2010, according to an article published by While that unemployment rate dropped back down to 6% in 2011, recent years have not seen much improvement.

In the nonprofit sector and beyond, it seems as though older employees are less likely to be laid off than their younger counterparts. However, it generally takes them a lot longer to find new employment. Why is it that nonprofits might be hesitant to hire older employers? Well first of all, aged employees often will have higher salary expectations than their younger peers. This of course is a legitimate concern for your nonprofit clients, who do not have as much access to disposable funds as their for-profit counterparts do.

Many nonprofit hiring managers also may believe that older employees won’t want to work for a younger or less experienced boss; this could especially be true for older workers who previously held a management position and may have difficulty adapting to a lower-level job. Along with that, it is true that oftentimes older workers may have outdated skills. While many potential employees see the value of continued education, some older workers may not have the resources to take classes, and therefore become less desirable than younger workers fresh out of college, with current skills and expertise.

No matter the reason nonprofits may be hesitant to hire older employers, the fact remains that they may not base their decision solely on age. This is considered discrimination in the eyes of the law, and your client could definitely face a lawsuit. At Care Providers Insurance Services, we understand the EPLI risks that your Nonprofit clients face. It’s vital that they obtain Insurance for a Non Profit Organization to financially protect themselves from such a claim. To learn more about the products and services we offer, please contact us today at (855) 790-7379.

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