Care Providers Insurance Services

For more than 25 years, Care Providers Insurance Services has been offering a comprehensive, affordable insurance program for those that care for others. Without the services provided by nonprofit social service organizations, many individuals and families wouldn’t have the resources to get the help they need. Our goal is to help them continue to do so.

Non Profit Insurance

From early intervention programs and counseling services to charities and foundations, the focus on nonprofits is diverse, but their mission is consistent: to help people and our communities. Care Providers Insurance Services is one of the largest insurers of nonprofits and social service organizations across the country. Many of these nonprofit organizations require specialized insurance coverages because they are working directly with youth, adults and special need populations. Care Providers’ insurance program offers the coverages these organizations need at a cost they can afford. Our underwriters are experts in this sector and able to help tailor insurance plans to include the unique coverages that nonprofits need so that these organizations can spend less time worrying about their insurance and more time carrying out their missions.

Social Services Insurance

Care Providers Insurance Services provides is proud to insure the organizations that are working to support and improve our communities. Many social service organizations work directly with families, children and at-risk individuals, so they face a variety of unique exposures. We offer a comprehensive, affordable insurance program for these types of organizations to ensure they are protected. Our underwriters are truly experts in the nonprofits and social services sector, and are passionate about helping to insure social service organizations to ensure they are able to continue to do great work within our communities. Click here to learn more.

Tap Into Our Markets for Your NonProfit Clients

You have access to a broad range of classes in the nonprofits and social services segment: