Non Profit Job Training Programs

Posted on: October 10, 2014 by Care Providers Insurance

Responding to the Non Profit Job Training Programs Challenge

A recent Workforce Report revealed that while technological advances are creating new industries, new professions, and new demands as well as careers that didn’t even exist as of a decade ago, these businesses also seek unprecedented levels of education and training in their employees. This is where the need for job training programs comes in. In the state of Texas particularly, employers have had millions of unfilled jobs in recent years, however unemployment remained high nationally because of a “skills gap.” Those seeking work weren’t qualified for the available job.

Texas is not the only state observing this trend. Businesses nationwide recognize that there is a growing demand for new and better education and training programs to better prepare America’s workers for opportunities in an increasingly competitive global economy, but to do so with fewer budgetary resources.

Non Profit Job Training programs are ideal for disadvantaged workers; those who have had a less traditional education, often have lived in high-poverty or distressed areas, or come from a low-income background. Jobseekers and employees who are less educated tend to be hit the hardest and be more vulnerable when the economy hits a low, which it has done in recent years.

Another category of individuals that non profit job training programs are perfect for is displaced workers; those who have been laid off from long-term jobs for one reason or another whether it’s due to a business closing, downsizing, or making budget cuts. Whatever the cause, displaced workers are often left to looked for new jobs in an economic environment in which their skill shave become less valuable or even inexistent. According to career experts, while high-tenured displaced employees typically find a new job within a year, those jobs are usually a much lower wage simply because they lack the skills needed for a new job.

The importance of job skills for America’s disadvantaged and displaced adult workers is apparent; however addressing skill deficits is complex. Every community is different a faces a unique set of challenges, which necessitates flexible programs that can be customized to meet the demands of each situation. The social benefits of non profit job training programs can be as equally significant as the practical benefits, by helping to guide and insulate workers from long-term financial harm to themselves, their families, and their communities.

While non profit job training programs are an excellent addition to any community, and may very well be the solution the American economy needs, it’s also important to realize that win any non profit organization comes risks. Obtaining the right insurance for non profits from Care Providers Insurance Services is crucial to your clients’ success. For more information, please contact us at (855) 790-7379. 

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